Thursday, August 8, 2013


What good is a man alone?
One man alone in the world is anything but a free man. His walls are many.
His humanness constrains him on all sides.
He alone responsible for his shelter...
He alone responsible for his food...
He alone responsible for his clothes...You don’t know how? . Can you live without these? No. Are you lacking? Yes.
If you are a pioneer mountain man are you still lacking? Yes.
His humanness still constrains him on all sides. No break in hunting.
No break in collecting firewood...No hope in sharing out any task because there is no other
for a man alone. Is he going to propagate?  No, he’s going to die off. Is he going to master the
world?  No... He will shortly die. He will run short of food. He will not stack enough wood.
He will fall prey to the environment. One can only conclude that act of sharing-out is “the
way of life” ...The only way of hope for any and every man!.. And so it is that one man say to the other "I can not live without you"... No choice... No option... It is not hard to understand?.. No doubt it has been terribly forgotten. It is the very root of sociality. The very beginning of brotherhood... There is no  helping hand for a man alone... and soon you will perish.
 And so it is that one man say to the other “I can not live without you” At this so very basic level of life, is there any room for choice or the freedom of man?... Yes, it is but to choose life or death. There is no seed bed here for the fostering individualism or self interest...a "not sharing" on your part guarantees your death and demise. The sharing out out of you, brings you a chance at life. God bless the sharing out... Now alone I don’t have to collect all the fire wood all by myself...All the hunting all by myself...The building of shelter all by myself. There is now another of my own...Not dog nor horse...but of my flesh...the very same as me...God bless the world for another me-A brother of my flesh...Now I will have help...God bless help for without it I soon perish. And so it is at this so very basic level we only succeed together. Apart we doom ourselves to failure and death.

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